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alkaen 88.000 € to 189.000 €


Kestel Residence is located in the Kestel district of Alanya, Turkey, the pearl of the Mediterranean. Kestel Residence is the Luxury property investment of both the Mediterranean region and the Antalya province. The smallest details have been taken into account when planning Kestel Residence, when completed the complex will be spread over 7200 m2 with the south of the complex overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea and the north of the complex enjoying views of the beautiful Taurus mountains. The location of Kestel Residence offers its residents the opportunity to live in touch with nature is a place where the sun shines for most of the year. Kestel Residence with secure, luxurious, high quality modern design and living areas with many social activities available is proudly presented to our customers.

Kestel Residence general features:
1. Adult and children’s swimming pool
2. Indoor swimming pool
3. Jacuzzi
4. Sauna
5. Turkish bath
6. Steam room
7. Fitness centre
8. Massage rooms
9. Bar with table tennis and pool table
10. Kestel residence conference room
11. Multipurpose games court; tennis, basketball, volleyball.
12. Kids play park and aqua park
13. Barbeque area
14. Pool Bar
15. Gazebo
16. Underground parking
17. CCTV
18. Elevators
19. Generator
20. Building supervisors apartment
21. Disabled access
22. Walkway on beach front
23. Security posted at complex entrance.

Kestel Residence technical features:
1. Interior walls of apartments to be gypsum plaster and ceilings to be gypsum board suspended ceilings in keeping with the interior design of the project.
2. High quality ceramic and granite flooring.
3. Sound and heat insulation between apartments.
4. Custom design high quality doors
5. Front door to be high quality steel safety doors.
6. Exterior fittings to consists of hidden shutters pvc double glazing
7. Aluminium and glass balcony railings
8. Central internet and satellite systems
9. Fitted sink, suspended toilet bowl, custom designed shower units
10. Custom sectional leaching on exterior walls
11. Custom design high quality kitchen cabinets
12. High quality MDF cloakroom
13. Shock water heating system
14. High quality marble and ceramic flooring from building entrance in.

White goods to be included free of charge:
1. Air conditioning units for all rooms included as standard
2. Shock water heating system for all apartments included as standard
3. Hob, oven, extractor fan, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer

Start and completion date of Kestel Residence:
Start: 05/01/2014 Completion: 30/05/2015

Kiinteistön yksityiskohdat

  • Tyyppi: Huoneistot
  • Huoneita: 1+1 / 2+1
  • Luokka: Myydään
  • Sijainti: Alanya / Kestel
  • Koko: 70 - 170


  • Rakennus vuosi: 2015
  • Etäisyys merelle: 150 m
  • Etäisyys paikalliseen keskustaan: 2 km
  • Gazipasa lentokenttä: 30 km
  • Antalya lentokenttä: 125 km
  • Kerroksia yhteensä: 4
  • Talojen määrä: 2

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  • Hayrullah Turunç
  • (+90) 542 239 80 88
  • info@asuntoalanya.com

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